11 lessons I learned from my mom

Yes, there are more qualities to my mom besides being able to quote any line from The Office. Here are a few pieces of wisdoms i’ve gained from her over the years.

Always trust God

My mom’s go-to text to me is “Don’t worry, trust God’s plan.” We serve an Almighty God who wants us to place our troubles on Him. There’s so much comfort in knowing that I don’t have to worry about what my future holds, because it’s already completely mapped out for me.

My mom never fails to remind me of this. I’m forever grateful to live in a household where my parents make sure I know that I can put my faith in God in every situation.

Never settle

My mom might actually kill me if I ever tried to settle for something in life.

She tells me to never settle for any less than I deserve. We can’t be afraid to step out of our comfort zones and into the roles we were created for.

Don’t be sad if you aren’t in a relationship by 20 simply because you don’t want to settle for the first man to show interest in you. Stop telling yourself you’ll be okay if you finish that gen-ed class with a C for the semester.

Never be ashamed to have high goals, because settling inside of your comfort zone will never give you a high sense of satisfaction.

If you’re unsure, pray about it

How easy would life be if we knew the answer to everything? We have to make difficult decisions in life, especially the older we grow. This isn’t always easy, and often times we don’t know what to do.

The great news about this is that we don’t have to struggle alone. Prayer is our most powerful defense.

When I grow weary and unsure, I always take it up with God in prayer, because He knows the outcome to every aspect of life.

Never let anyone make you question your worth

Being a teenage girl isn’t easy for me or my mom. Things we struggle with at this age revolve around identity, a lot of times.

One thing I’ve learned from my mom is that I should never let anyone make me question my worth.

If we’ve learned anything from Proverbs 31, it’s that we are FULL of value. I am the daughter of the King.

As long as I’m living my life to glorify Christ, why should I care what anyone thinks of me?

You’re beautiful

While physical beauty is by no means the most important aspect of life, I hope I’m not alone in saying that I do care about my appearance more than I should. My mom never fails to tell me how beautiful I am.

On rough days when my face has broken out, or I just don’t feel like myself, she is right there by my side encouraging me.

This means more to me than words can explain, and I hope that she realizes how beautiful she is to me, too.

You can’t change the past

You know that moment when you do something stupid, and you immediately go pale because you realize you have to tell you mom? I know that feeling all too well. We’ve all done stupid things, and we can’t change that.

While I’ve definitely received lectures from my mom over dumb decisions, I’ve also received reassurance that I’m not defined by my past.

If it’s something we can’t change, it’s something we shouldn’t dwell over.

It’s okay to hurt

I don’t like being sad. My mom knows this. She also is extremely gifted in comforting those around her when they are hurting.

My mom is very vocal about letting me know it’s okay to not be okay. We go through things and we hurt, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recover.

I’ve never been ashamed to hurt in front of my mom because she is always there to help me in any way that she can. She’s the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known.

Choose your friends carefully

We’ve all heard the saying that “moms can spot a bad friend right away.” This is true. I can’t even count the number of times my mom warned me about someone, I ignored it, and then later got hurt by this friendship.

The great thing about my mom, though, is that she doesn’t even say I told you so when this happens.

We have to be careful about who we invest time in, because it’s a lot easier to be brought down than to be brought up.

Inside beauty is what truly matters

My mom’s heart and love for others has taught me so much about beauty. She truly is the most beautiful soul I know, and no one could ever convince me otherwise.

She’s the bomb.com inside and out.

She’s loving, hardworking, and never afraid to offer a helping hand to someone in need. Even though my mom is a hot mama, she’s also a prime example of inner beauty, which is what truly matters.

Never give up

Being the dramatic person that I am, I threaten to give up, like, seven times a day. Of course, when I go to my mom about this, she disregards it completely.

On a serious note, though, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my mom constantly telling me that I can achieve whatever I want in life.

Without Laura Deaton to push me to do things I don’t want to do; I wouldn’t have the majority of things that I am blessed with today.

Love isn’t selfish

Like I said before, my mom is the most selfless person I know. She puts everyone before herself. The love she has for my siblings and me is overwhelming. One of the biggest lessons I’ve taken away from my mom is to love without expecting love in return.

All I can hope for in life is to show her the same selfless love that she’s shown me.

I love you to the moon and back, mom.

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