Not on my time

I am not a patient person. When I want something done, I want it done my way, on my schedule, and in my time.

Of course, this is a SUPER selfish way of thinking, and I’m quickly humbled by my limitations.

Life really has this way of punching us in the gut when we least expect it. When we’re on top of the world and nothing can knock us down, we tend to get knocked down. It’s crazy how this works, right?

It’s a moment of realization, really, although it isn’t enjoyable. Lately I’ve been having a bunch of UGH moments in my life.

I’ve been writing this over the span of the last week, because it always feels like I have something to add somewhere in here.

I have the tendency to try and do things on my own, aka without God’s help. This has never once worked out for me, because I need His help in every single aspect of my life.

When we’re sad and overwhelmed it becomes easy to take our eyes off of Christ. Nothing good ever comes out of losing focus of Him.

It takes patience and understanding to get through things, which are qualities that a lot of us tend to lack. (Hopefully not just me, lol)

It’s easy for us to feel alone, like we’re fighting by ourselves, but we aren’t. We never have to fight alone.

Let’s talk about 1 Peter for a minute. I LOVE Peter and I love this book so much. There’s so much wisdom imbedded into only 5 chapters (which is insanely short so go read it, please).

1 Peter 5:10 says that “after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”

I just want to SCREAM I love that verse so much. Christ will restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish us.

How reliving is this? Suffering isn’t fun.

God isn’t putting us through difficult trials because He wants to see us suffer, He’s putting us through them because He wants us to succeed through Him.

Life is tough. Giving up isn’t an option but moving forward is.

The plans I have for myself don’t always line up with the ones God has for me. Talk about a hard pill to swallow, I’m still struggling with this one.

It’s not always easy to accept that God knows what’s best for us.

Contrary to my own dramatic belief, my life isn’t a pile of garbage.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in what’s wrong with our lives in the moment that we don’t take time to focus on how minuscular our problems actually are.

Lately on Twitter I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets about how girls will break down and cry for, like, 5 hours only to realize how unnecessary that was, afterwards.

I was so surprised to find out that crying doesn’t solve everything.

I want to be so imbedded into my relationship with Christ that I don’t even question myself as to if I need His help or not, because I know I do.

In His timing all things will be done.

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