Not on my time

Sometimes, we get so caught up in what’s wrong with our lives in the moment that we don’t take time to focus on how minuscular our problems actually are.

Be a real one

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know that I live a pretty prominent life on social media. It’s full of joy, stupid thoughts I have during the day, and funny conversations with my friends. The other day I deleted these apps from my phone because I realized, oh wait, this isn’t... Continue Reading →

So, does it get better?

Taylor Deaton “Life isn’t easy,” “it’ll get better” and “this won’t last” are phrases that get under my skin more than anything, as awful as that sounds. Sometimes it’s really easy to get into a mindset of: instead of overcoming my pain, why can’t I wallow in it? It’s really easy to sink into a... Continue Reading →

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